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Our Leadership Team

Alun Marriott - Sepia.png

Alun Marriott, MiF

Managing Partner

James Norman - Faceshot.png

James Norman FIA, PhD

Founding Partner

Wee Shen Teo - Headshot.png

Wee Shen Teo, FIA

Founding Partner

Alun joins Proteus in April '24 and brings nearly three decades of financial markets & technology expertise to our team. He is best known as Managing Partner of the team that developed Tyche, a state of the art insurance modelling suite, but he has previously built businesses in economic modelling, asset liability modelling and trading solutions for some of the worlds largest pension schemes, insurers and banks. He is a contagious evangelist who delivers best-in-class solutions that help clients gain insight from their data and improve business efficiency. He still codes (just)! Academically, Alun holds a BSc (1st Hons) in Physics, an MSc in Finance (London Business School), and a diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Austin University, Texas.

James is a founding partner of Proteus and an experienced actuary with a background in consultancy that spans nearly two decades. He has worked on a range of strategic solutions in actuarial and financial modeling, as well as risk and capital management.  James holds a PhD in theoretical physics and is a fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries with a distinguished career helping many top-tier insurance firms and other financial institutions globally. He plays an integral role helping these clients steer a path through challenging regulatory and technological challenges and has partnered with leading industry giants including Lloyd’s of London, Aviva, and AIG, as well as specialized insurers worldwide. James's leadership roles included spearheading the development of pioneering tools such as the economic scenario generator developed at consulting firm EMB, which evolved into the acclaimed STAR system at WTW. He was the Global P&C Sector Leader at Barrie and Hibbert (now part of Moody’s), and most recently Head of Innovation at Aon's Strategy and Technology Group.  Renowned for his professionalism and business acumen as well as deep technical understanding, James has led numerous intricate and mission critical financial modeling projects, consistently delivering sophisticated software solutions coupled with strategic business insights. He is well known for his thought leadership, having delivered keynote addresses at prestigious conferences and published articles on financial modeling, capital management, and actuarial science. As a Founding Partner of Proteus Consulting, James now channels his energy into developing the Economic Module of the Cloud Generator ensuring that the tools are able to meet the exacting demands of actuarial and financial modeling professionals.

Wee Shen is a seasoned financial professional with diverse background spanning various sectors of the insurance industry. As a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries with CERA accreditation (Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary), he specialises in quantitative finance, enterprise risk management, and financial modeling. Holding a degree in Actuarial Science from the London School of Economics, Wee Shen began his career at Aspen Insurance, where he spearheaded enterprise risk management initiatives, particularly in economic scenario generation and asset modeling, including portfolio optimization where strategic decision making requires analytical rigor. Transitioning into consulting roles, Wee Shen became a market-leading expert, guiding clients through financial modeling transformations and acting as a bridge between business users and technical developers. His proficiency in developing flexible financial models capable of addressing diverse business needs is underscored by his tenure at RPC Consulting and subsequent independent consulting endeavors. Wee Shen's regulatory experience at the Financial Services Authority (FSA), focusing on automating risk management for the UK banking sector, further highlights his commitment to enhancing risk management practices across industry. His involvement in post-crisis investigations demonstrates his understanding of regulatory requirements and his dedication to driving organizational change. Throughout his career, Wee Shen has demonstrated a holistic perspective on financial modeling and risk management, combining technical expertise with strategic insight to deliver impactful solutions for his clients and employers alike.

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