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New in June 2024

Use our state of the art "no code" cloud generator to automate creation of risk scenarios.

The Economic Risk Module generates real world economic scenarios tailored to your corporate outlook and delivered in seconds.

Get in touch to get a demo or trial of our cloud scenario generator.
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Economic Risk Module - Key Features

Economic Outlook Tailored to Your Business

At Proteus Consulting, we provide stochastic economic scenarios that support your capital modelling, pricing or valuation needs.


Our cloud services generate scenarios tailored to your economic outlook, delivering simulations in seconds.

"No Code" Platform

We offer a "No Code" platform with full visibility to analytic mathematics, including model training and regulatory support.


Our models can be targeted to your specific economic outlook  and there is no need to wait for updated calibrations each month or quarter.

Automatic Calibration

Our base economic calibration is stable - requiring only infrequent adjustment. Our real world calibrations are arbitrage free and market consistent.


Our enterprise subscription with automated calibration framework allows "on demand" calibration within seconds to ensure risk generation is no longer your bottleneck.

Un-Paralleled Performance in Economic Risk Generation

Our risk generators use the latest cloud hosted tensor compute engines to deliver results in seconds, not hours.

We've leveraged advances in hardware designed for AI compute to re-think how computation-heavy tasks across actuarial and financial engineering solutions are built.

"State of the Art" Risk & Valuation Models

Our actuaries and data scientists specialize in developing economic models of both real world and risk neutral scenarios. 

We calibrate our models to historic and current market data with statistical quality assurance at every stage.

Our Consulting Services


We offer a range of traditional actuarial  consulting services covering

  • Risk & Capital Management / Strategy

  • Pricing and Valuation

  • Cat Portfolio Accumulation

  • Independent Model Review & Validation

  • Senior level interim resources

  • Actuary as a Service (AaaS)

  • Education & Training

Our teams have extensive experience with industry leading platforms, including Igloo and Tyche, or lower level packages including Python, R, SQL and Excel.

Data Science & AI

Glean greater insight from your data.

Our consultants will leverage AI and machine learning  techniques for 

  • Pattern recognition

  • Classification & Regression

  • Decision Trees, Clustering

  • Natural Language Processing

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